NP702 – Cartoning machine

The machine is equipped with a new control system, which features a user-friendly touch screen operator panel.

The NP702, driven by a servomotor, may run either intermittently or continuously.

The NP702 is able to operate in intermittent mode at speeds of up to 80 units per minute to match the output of the NM702 tube filler. The transfer of the tubes from filler to cartoner is very simple: each time a tube arrives, a photocell gives the signal for the NP702 to index one cycle and then waits for the next tube to arrive.

In continuous mode the machine can operate at speeds of up to 140 tubes per minute.

Optional systems such as, different types of coding, leaflet folding and insertion and bar code reading are all available on the NP702.

Other machines with which we work:
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